Competence of transactional system team

Starting from 2000, Sygnity T24 team gained a considerable experience connected to implementation, development and providing services for T24 system. Since 2000, our specialists have taken part in system implementation in BRE Bank and Nordea Bank Polska. We have also international experience in this area connected to the cooperation during system implementation for Bank of Cairo in Egypt. Since 2003 we have been providing system services for Nordea Bank and since 2004 for BRE Bank as well. In 2005 we started our cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank Polska, where our experts are preparing the expansion of the local system.

Our specialists have competences in different fields. Examples of fields:

Support for clearing systems: ELIXIR, SORBNET

Support for payment cards

Support for mandatory reporting – NBP, BIK, RBAN

Accounting reports – REPORTING

Management Information System – MIS

Operating Money Market – FOREX, FRA, SWAP, options, deposits and investments on interbank market


Transmitting messages between financial institutions systems - SWIFT

Printouts management – delivery; forwarding printouts for clients from printer to printer and/or fax/email

Managing classified printouts

Mass Transfers – SPM

Operating certified cheques

Expanding mechanism of “fees and commissions”

Power of attorney management

Helping with the tax requirements

Helping with the restricted interests taking risks class into consideration

Expanding the mechanisms of operating taxes

Accounting adjustments

Interface to/from T24 – OFS

Extracting data for the statements, EKD (Electronic Distribution Channels), GIIF - AML (anti money laundering)

Managing and administration of operating environments of T24 system

A range of services that cover operating T24 system

In the area of cooperation we cover two basic areas: creating new and development of existing local changes that expand the functionality of T24 system as well as business and technical consultations provided by well experienced consultants.

One of the key competences of our team is the ability to create and develop system modifications to ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements. Our offer applies to implementing the new changes as requested by the Bank as well as updating existing solutions. Our specialists have participated in creating local extensions of T24 system in all Banks in Poland, where T24 system was implemented – Nordea Bank Polska, BRE Bank and Raiffeisen Bank Polska.

Based on gained knowledge and experience, we offer cooperation of our consultants with Bank teams that are involved in development of solutions related to T24 system implemented in the Bank. This cooperation may concern business as well as technical issues. In business area we have experience in, among others: testing the optimality  of implemented solutions, working with existing functions of T24 system, error detection etc. Cooperation at the technical level is possible in the scope of: verification of correctness of the created code, code optimization,  EOD procedures etc.


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