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Digital Concierge – the future of customer service is here

Business faces many challenges nowadays. Customers expect not only an attractive offer, but also  modern and convenient service. The rapid development of BigTech and FinTech companies, which have introduced many innovative solutions to the market in recent years, has forced the business both to explore new forms of interaction with customers and go beyond traditional products and services.

Today, especially new generations of customers are looking not only for convenience and flexibility, but also for unique and personalized experiences. They use new technologies on a daily basis, bringing a significant part of their lives to the digital world. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, 85% of all customer service interactions will be done via chatbots and voicebots. Younger customers don’t call the helpline, don’t send emails and don’t visit the stores, they communicate using technology when they feel inclined to do so instead. This is why service industries such as tourism and banking are turning to the artificial intelligence and machine learning for help in both designing unique experiences for their customers and meeting their growing requirements.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) i.e. a technology that automates repetitive business processes using robots simulating human work will completely change the customer service.

Sygnity enters the RPA market with a new product – Sygnity Concierge. 

Sygnity Concierge will make customers’ lives easier

Sygnity Concierge is more than just a virtual assistant or voicebot. The product, when connected to the company’s crucial systems, automates customer service and, at the customer’s request, performs specific actions, such as making a bank transfer. This is something the ordinary voicebot simply can’t do. The customer doesn’t even have to use the keyboard to type in a question – he can make a voice call or even talk to our Concierge as if it was human.

Bank transfer? Concierge will do it for you

Sygnity Concierge application is integrated with the electronic banking system. Using a speech engine, e.g. DIALOGFLOW it is able to connect directly to the Google assistant and communicate with the bank’s API after the user’s prior authorization. Thanks to this, customer can communicate verbally with the bank application, also via popular voicebots (like Alexa or Siri). 

Looking for a hotel? You don’t need to do it anymore

After integrating with a hotel reservation system Sygnity Concierge will find the accommodation meeting certain requirements (e.g. a hotel accepting pets), book it and… pay for it.

Thanks to Sygnity Concierge companies:

  • Acquire customers more easily, thanks to a modern and convenient form of their service (Concierge will help, among others, in: sending a transfer, accepting payments, checking account balance, applying for a credit card or taking a credit).
  • Better adapt their offer to the needs and individual requirements of customers.
  • Reduce formalities to a minimum, thanks to data collected by the Concierge.
  • Protect the security of the processed data, in accordance with applicable law.
  • Design a unique customer service experience – our Concierge is always available, has no bad days and knows the answer to every question.

Convenient and quick integration with client systems

We offer not only full technical support assuring quick integration with the client’s applications, but also assistance from our industry experts (including business analysts as well as municipal and government services specialists).