Counting, sorting, packing of coins and banknotes

Our technological partners are leading producers of these types of solutions in the world (among others: Glory, Giesecke).

In our offer we have a full range of products that allow to select a solution according to the individual needs of each client, in terms of technology as well as price; for example, banknote counters, value counters for banknotes, “second party” counters, heavy duty counters for banknotes and coins, high-performance sorters for banknotes.

An example is a banknote counter with authenticity verification Pronote 1,5F by Giesecke company that complies with current NBP regulations.

Solutions that are used in this device allow to quickly and extremely efficiently check the authenticity of counted banknotes.

Advanced scanning modules allows for a very quick customer service by retail establishments personnel. An undeniable advantage of devices is a possibility to operate different currencies with a high efficiency. Devices differ from their competitors by a high resistance to dirt, with minimal maintenance needs.


A very good quality for an attractive price

A very low failure rate

allows to save on service costs

Improvement of customer service

reduction of cash transaction time in Bank Departments (money counters Giesecke)

Effective increase in sales of bank products

by automation of banknote detection (value counters and sorters Giesecke)

Increases a range of currency services offered by a Bank

(value counters and sorters Giesecke)

Easy and intuitive operating of our counters

of value and sorters for banknotes

A very good service care

Individual approach to client’s needs

For clients that have their own cash centres, we have in the offer banknote sorters GLORY UW 600/700, which is a perfect solution for institutions that are looking for a product with an excellent price to quality ratio. Models in this class are unrivalled, which is confirmed by world sales results.


Coin handling (counting, authenticity verification, sorting, packing)

Banknotes handling (counting, authenticity verification, sorting, packing)

Operating and updating currencies, upgrading devices installed for clients

Adjusting devices for value counting to the requirements of NBP connected with fitness sorting

A possibility to operate our devices over the network


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