Comprehensive system for handling brokerage houses

Sygnity S.A. is one of the two most important and largest solution providers for brokerage houses in Poland (first implementation in 1994). Currently, 18 institutions use our brokerage services and communication with KDPW (the Central Securities Depository of Poland) realizing almost half of the stock market trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange Our software is tailored to the individual customer needs..

We realize our projects in a comprehensive way – from consulting, through implementation, up to maintenance. We offer expert support on each stage of cooperation. We employ high-class experts with according licenses and certificates from sectors: banking, financing and capital market.


Increasing income from activities

due to the possibility of acquiring new Clients who are waiting for a quick access to new products and services.

A possibility of cost reduction

connected with customer service in POKs – a system makes self-serving possible to the end users.

Thanks to the stable system work

Brokerage Houses can take care of developing their business and improving their competitiveness on the market.

Operating the basic activities of Brokerage Houses

in the field of customer support on the capital market.

Eliminating the risk

of executing a transaction without coverage verification.

Meeting legal requirements

of regulators – KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority), KDPW, WSE and EU.

A high level of solution customization

ensures competitiveness between Offices.

We ensure a high level of system adjustment to the individual clients’ requirements. A system has a rich functionality in the field of client disposition as well as back-office processing. Taking into account the functioning division of system into modules, there is a possibility to configure the application in such a way that would optimally meet the clients’ requirements.


System is constantly developing, which is a result of clients’ requirements, market development, and a necessity to adjust to legal regulations. There is a version of System that allows to operate brokerage accounts, dedicated to mobile devices, and application for clients of Brokerage Houses that operate brokerage accounts using a browser.

System corresponds to KNF, KDPW and WSE, and is adjusted to obligatory reporting of Brokerage Houses.

Secure and reliable, with a high work efficiency.

A system works in real-time, making it possible for investors to react instantly to the market changes on the Polish market (WSE) as well as on international markets.

Ensures effective communication with markets and brokers based on the FIX protocol and interfaces dedicated to OMS system.

Automation of operating business process realized in Brokerage Houses taking into consideration client’s dispositions with regard to operating brokerage accounts.

An excellent customer service, 24 hours a day, from any place in the world, immediately executed transactions.


Sygnity S.A.

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