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Fully digital document exchange with Clients and Contractors

The cooperation of financial institutions with clients is the process that requires the exchange of many documents and, despite the advancing digitalization, many of them are still in paper form. Additionally, they must be signed in a way that unquestionably indicates the persons authorized to represent the parties. And while so far this process has not been particularly difficult, it often becomes impossible in a pandemic situation. Companies agree with their clients on the content of contracts and documents electronically, but collecting all signatures often complicates and prolongs the process, as the signatories may not always be physically present in one place. The exchange of signed documents requires a lot of time and generates costs.


Today we have tools that allow digitalization of the process of concluding contracts remotely and guarantee the unquestionability of submitted signatures. It is possible thanks to encrypted and secure electronic channels and the use of electronic signatures that have all the required certificates.

EDPS – Electronic document processing system 

The system ensures secure and fully digital document exchange with the clients and contractors (in the country as well as abroad).

Documents with required signatures will be “packed” in XML envelope, and then transferred back to the sender. The address information contained in the document envelope allows to verify not only signatures but also the formal accuracy of the document, which protects against the change in the content of the signed document. Thanks to the internal system of document exchange, it is possible to immediately transfer them to the appropriate department in the company.

Similar solution enabling fully digital handling of documents was implemented for one of our clients, and for many years it has helped millions of Polish people settle their taxes every year. 

Quick agreement and signing of contracts (and other documents) will not only ensure convenient cooperation with existing clients, but also will make it easier to attract the new ones. 

The EDPS can support already functioning document management systems in terms of transferring documents to all clients. After reading the documents and signing them, the client sends the documents back to the EDPS gateway. The gateway performs processes of verifying correctness of both the signature and the document, as well as the compliance with the original document,. It also generates confirmation of acceptance or rejection of the document.

Business benefits: 

  • Convenient electronic document submission, in a way that guarantees their undeniability,
  • Secure and quick processing of documents exchange at anytime and anywhere,
  • A guarantee of the validity of contracts and claims, thanks to the use and ongoing verification of certificates for electronic signatures of cooperating parties (both in the case when the potential client does not have a possibility of authorization in the system and third parties which do not have a relation with the company),
  • Authenticating the documents with the help of certified signatures, generated on the national platforms as well as on the platforms of European Union,
  • A possibility to submit multiple signatures in one document (regardless of their character, i.e. qualification signatures, signatures based on trusted profile or electronic identification card),
  • Quick verification of the signatures (including multiple signatures), as well as the validity of certificates (both national and European) connected with the signatures (documents with invalid certificate will not be sent),
  • A guarantee of undeniability of the document contents, its structure and data, according to defined scheme, or verification of its compliance with the original (in case of documents sent to the client to sign),
  • Convenient and quick sharing with the client of any number of documents to be completed or downloaded at any time and place with the customer (both individual and corporate).

Convenient cooperation process and quick implementation

We invite companies interested in the possibility of using our solution to work with us. We will help design the process of document exchange, implement the solution and provide training.